Cleaning By Carrie’s 2021 Product Tips

We’re wrapping up 2021 and getting ready to welcome 2022, but before we get to that, let’s go over Cleaning By Carrie’s 2021 Product Tips as mentioned on our Facebook page!

  1. Hate seeing those hard water spots on your shower door? Blue Dawn and Vinegar is your savior! Mix equal parts of blue dawn and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray lightly on your shower doors to remove hard water spots!
  2. Not a big fan of all the chemicals in dryer sheets? Buy some dryer balls! They are a chemical free alternative that decrease the drying time of your clothes by lifting and separating them. They also have wool dryer balls that you can put essential oils in for that fresh and clean smell you love!
  3. Smelling something unpleasant that just won’t go away? Odoban is here to save your nose! This spray is used on soft surfaces and not only smells amazing but is also a disinfectant!
  4. Dusting spray leaving a waxy surface? Switch to Method Daily Wood Cleaner! It’s a plant-based cleaner that can be used on most surfaces. Not only does it help with dusting but it also cleans grease and grime!

Want more information on these products? Visit our Facebook page at Cleaning By Carrie, LLC and find them in our photos! Don’t forget to give us a “like”, and have a Happy New Year!

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