Fur Family Members

Owner holding cute dog's head

May is National Pet Month! So, in honor of our furry family members, let’s talk a little about those pesky peeves that come with having pets.

Pet hair, dander, and odor are common complaints when it comes to our furry family members. And don’t get us started on the lovely smells and experiences that come with having puppies! Whether you have a dog, cat, ferret, bunny, chinchilla, or other furry friend, your house has pet hair and dander in the air, on your furniture, in your carpet, and on all sorts of surfaces around the house. While you may be able to see the hair, you also may have pet odors in your home you may have become nose blind to and don’t even know are there!

Let Cleaning by Carrie take away those germs and worries to give you an odor free home for you and your furry family members to enjoy to its fullest. Here at Cleaning by Carrie we offer a multitude of cleaning services for your home. We can bonnet and shampoo your carpets to remove any of those pesky danders and odors. Our technique and special enzyme neutralizer extract those pleasant pet smells and dander from your carpet leaving them fresh and clean like the first day you stepped on them. Another service we offer is furniture vacuuming for your upholstered furniture. Instead of falling back onto your couch after work and ending up covered in pet hair, let us take care of it for you. Check out the rest of our services and request a quote today, so we can help make your home clean and odor free for you and your fur family members.