Solutions to get rid of pet hair

Woman hugging a dog

Our pets are an amazing part of our lives. Not so amazing- the hair they leave EVERYWHERE. If you have fur babies and have been looking for solutions to help with the fur balls around your house, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some hacks to make the hair more bearable!

  1. Dryer Sheets- these make picking up extra hair so easy! And they work on virtually any surface!
  2. Rubber gloves are great for getting extra hair off of furniture and clothing
  3. Rubber Broom- use this to go over your carpet before vacuuming, it will help get up extra hair!
  4. Of course- the lint roller. Lint rollers can be used on furniture and clothing and hard flat surfaces like coffee tables.

Hopefully you can use at least one of these hacks to help with the excess fur that our beloved fur babies leave us! Visit our Facebook page and leave us a comment to let us know!