Contain the mess during gift exchanges

Gift opening is one of the most exciting times during this holiday season, but can leave such a mess with all the wrapping paper and bags leftover. Here are some helpful tips to keep your house- and you- cleaned up and stress free!

  1. Open gifts one person at a time! You can either have one person open all their gifts or rotate, but only one gift opening at a time saves from the pile of wrapping paper and bags!
  2. Have trash bags at the ready! After a gift is opened throw away the trash immediately and you will save cleanup time after!
  3. Designate a “box opener” for the gifts that need unpackaged. This person will be responsible for making sure all the trash and/or recycling from the actual packaging is taken care of as it comes and will save time!
  4. Are you a bag and or tissue paper saver? Keep the biggest bag and put all the other little bags inside it with their tissue paper. It’ll be organized and ready to put away!

These tips will help make cleanup a breeze after all gift opening is over! Still worried about where to put all your extra stuff? Check out our blog post from last week for tips on decluttering during the holidays!

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