How A Cleaning By Carrie Employee Is Hired

Do you have an eye for detail and a passion for cleaning? You could be the perfect addition to our team! And guess what? Cleaning by Carrie is hiring!

We are looking for the best individuals to come help us make the world a cleaner, healthier, and happier place.

The ideal Cleaning by Carrie employee…

  • Is upbeat, dependable, committed, and meticulous
  • Is looking for casual part-time work
  • Has their own reliable vehicle
  • Can pass an extensive background check
  • Is able to lift 30 pounds
  • LOVES cleaning!

If this sounds like you, we would like to invite you to apply for a position at Cleaning by Carrie! Here’s what our application/hiring process looks like:

  1. Fill out the application on our website

We only accept digital application at this time, and you can find it here. Please do not email us a resume or provide any personal information through other communication channels. The only applications we will consider are the ones that are submitted correctly through our website.

  1. Selecting the best candidates

We have carefully designed the application to weed out unqualified individuals. If there are missing or unacceptable answers (not having a car, having a criminal background, etc.) that individual will not even be considered.

  1. Phone interview

Once an application has been filled out to our satisfaction and submitted correctly, the applicant will be able to schedule their phone interview. During this initial interview, the applicant will be asked to reiterate/clarify the information on the application.

  1. Zoom interview

Following a successful phone interview, an applicant will be asked to schedule a second interview that will be conducted over Zoom. Once again, the interviewer will ask key questions from the application to confirm the answers and details. The main purpose of the Zoom interview is to get a complete understanding of the applicant – their values, general demeanor, etc. and ensure that their qualities align with what Cleaning by Carrie is looking for.

  1. In-person interview/Orientation

We are confident that an applicant is a great fit for our team once the phone interview is complete, so we invite them into our office! This is when they’ll fill out official paperwork, we will run a background check, and administer a drug test. If everything is good to go, they will receive their employee handbook and log in information.

Training with Cleaning by Carrie

We have multiple training levels for our team members: there is an Ethics course, Level One, Level Two, and COVID-19 training in addition to workbook classes. Each team member has to complete 10-days of hands-on training before they can receive their solo assignments.

After that, you’re in! Fill out our online application today and join us in making the world sparkle!


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