How to Give a HAPPY Mother’s Day

On Sunday morning you are going to tell your mom “Happy Mother’s Day”, but you may be wondering how you can give her a HAPPY Mother’s Day this year. You don’t have to spend money on an expensive gift to make Mom happy. Helping Mom around the house with some extra chores and tidying can make her whole day and costs nothing, but a little of your time and effort!

  • Instead of leaving your dishes in the sink on Mother’s Day, wash your dishes and take care of her’s, too, while you are at it! It won’t take you long at all, but seeing an empty sink and clean dishes will definitely put a smile on her face.
  • That mud you tracked in on your tennis shoes after school- take a second to get a lysol wipe and clean it up (make sure to put your shoes and backpack away, too!)
  • Tell Mom to relax and take a nice hot bubble bath with her favorite book- you can even run it for her for an extra special surprise. Then while she relaxes, wipe down counters and tables or vacuum the living room floor.

Another quick task you can do is tidy up your room or the living room without Mom having to ask. Simply picking up toys, clutter, and clothes (you know, those pesky socks that always end up on the living room floor?) and putting them where they belong without being asked is a sure fire way to make mom’s day.

Helping with some little chores around the house won’t take a lot out of your day, but it will definitely make your mom’s whole day!

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