How to Prepare for A Home Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional cleaning service for your home is a great idea for anyone who is looking to make their life a little bit easier. Doesn’t coming home to a clean house at the end of a long day sound like the most wonderful thing? We sure think so!

In order to get the most out of your professional home cleaning service, it’s important that you understand your role in the experience. House cleaners are happy to clean the nooks and crannies, but they will be unable to do so if you do not take the proper measures before they arrive.

Here is what to do before your house cleaner arrives

  • 1. Clear the floors

It is greatly appreciated if you could do your best to pick as many items off of the floor as possible. This means putting away children’s toys, putting away clothes, returning shoes to where they belong, and ensuring that animal toys are not strewn about. Having clear floors will enable your professional home cleaner to sweep, mop, and vacuum quickly so your home will be clean in a snap.

  • 2. Tidy up the counters

Kitchen counters, islands, and bathroom vanities get cluttered pretty quickly – especially if you have many people living in the house. Before your professional cleaner arrives, please do your very best to put away stray items that are on any surface you would like cleaned. House cleaners are not usually instructed to organize your personal items. If they cannot easily access a surface, they may skip cleaning that section of your home.

  • 3. Put away valuables and important documents

Your professional home cleaner was likely vetted and background checked by the cleaning service, but you can never be too careful. Make sure you have removed or locked away expensive electronics and important documents that would be devastating to lose. You will also want to lock away expensive jewelry and sentimental items that you couldn’t bear to lose. If you don’t have a safe or closet to lock things in, we recommend locking your items in the truck of your car while your home is cleaned.

  • 4. Secure any pets

This will likely vary from household to household. If your animals and cleaning staff are comfortable around each other, you may not have to crate your pets or take them out of the house with you. However, if you are even one bit unsure, you should absolutely separate your pets from the cleaning staff – especially if it’s their first time visiting your home.

  • 5. Leave specific instructions, if necessary

If there are any problems areas in your home that your professional cleaning staff should be aware of, it’s important that you communicate that with them. You can do this verbally or in a hand-written note that has been left in an obvious place. Communicating your wants and needs is the best way for you to get the experience you’re looking for!


Use these 5 tips for how to prepare for a home cleaning service and you’re sure to come back to a happy home every time!

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