January Declutter List

Clutter in your house can become unbearable after years of shuffling it all around and thinking to yourself, “I’ll use this one day”. Joining in a January Declutter will help to get rid of those unnecessary items and stop the never ending shuffling. Here is a helpful list of things you can declutter and clean up each day in January to get your year off to a clean start!

  1. Christmas Boxes/Bags
  2. Kitchen Cupboards
  3. Kitchen drawers
  4. Bedroom closets
  5. Bedroom dressers
  6. Pantry
  7. Fridge and Freezer
  8. Dining Room
  9. Basement
  10. Bathroom Cabinets
  11. Attic
  12. Garage
  13. Junk drawer
  14. Car
  15. Cleaning Supplies
  16. Medicine
  17. Purse
  18. Kids Toys
  19. Books/Magazines/DVDs etc
  20. Makeup
  21. Laundry Room
  22. Work from home area/Desk
  23. Shoes
  24. Coat closet
  25. Linen closet
  26. Undergarments (did you know you’re supposed to replace your undies every 6-12 months?)
  27. Kids clothes
  28. Paperwork
  29. Art/Craft supplies
  30. Jewelry
  31. Board Games/Video Games

And that’s the end! Even if you weren’t able to complete every task, just doing a few will help get your house back to feeling a little less clutter and a lot more you!

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