No smell means clean!

Recently we have had an influx of clients asking about why their home doesn’t “smell clean”. Here at Cleaning by Carrie, we use low odor cleaners and cleaners that have less chemicals than those that leave the pretty smells that some people desire. I would like to take the time to address this concern and explain why we use these types of cleaners rather than those that leave your house smelling pretty.

Low odor cleaners are safer to use for a number of reasons, but our main concerns are: they are safer for your home and also for my cleaning technicians. We want what’s best for everyone, so low odor cleaners are what we have chosen to use. They also leave less residue since there are essentially less ingredients in the product. It’s a win-win all around- you and your loved ones stay safe, we stay safe, and your house is cleaner!

Since we use the low odor and more organic type cleaners, this also means there’s less risk of a chemical or allergic reaction for you and our cleaning techs. It also alleviates anyone having other possible side effects to a scent, such as headaches or migraines and asthma. Cleaning products can be very dangerous, and we strive to make the experience as safe as possible for everyone involved!

Pretty scents are what some associate with a house actually being clean- but that’s not necessarily the case. Think about it, if you can’t smell anything- that means the house is clean! No smell means there’s no mildew, mold, trash, etc stinking it all up. Also, not everyone likes the same scents. Since we clean with low odor cleaners, this gives you the opportunity to make your home smell exactly how you’d like it to, without and stinky smells creeping in!

Hopefully this has shed some light on why we use the low odor cleaners. We strive to be safe, efficient, and effective, and doing this helps us maintain that expectation. Remember- no smell means clean!

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