Tips for a Clean House During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and that also means that party season is here! So how do you keep your house clean during all of the holiday chaos? Here are some helpful tips!

  1. Focus on tidying the main rooms that your guests will be in. It’s not likely that they’ll be perusing through your bedroom and closet, but will be spending most of their time in the kitchen, dining room, and/or bathroom. So don’t stress out about the parts of your house that are not the main focus of the party.
  2. Brighten up your entry door and make sure it’s clean of fingerprints and dirt. Since this is where guests will be seeing this part first, a good impression is a must!
  3. Put trash cans in clear sight, and if possible, put one in each room that you are hosting in. This will help minimize people leaving trash sitting around, which helps save clean up time after the party!
  4. Clean as you go! If you can manage taking care of small tasks as they occur during the party, it will make cleanup after a breeze!
  5. Leftover food? Make sure your fridge is clean! Another option is to have some extra food storage containers (you can find cheap ones at the dollar store) so that your guests can take some leftovers with them!

Following these simple tips during your holiday get-togethers can eliminate stressful cleanups, maximize fun and best of all, create more time to spend with your loved ones!

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