Tips to minimize clutter

The holidays bring joy, friends and family and best of all- GIFTS!- but a lot of the stuff we get can end up cluttering our houses. So how do we eliminate that? Cleaning by Carrie has some great tips to help you get the clutter out!

  1. Minimize decor. Sometimes when you have all of the decorations up in every nook and cranny, it can feel overwhelming when you add in all of the gifts that you’ve received.
  2. Get rid of at least one item from your house for every gift brought home. This will help control the buildup of “stuff” all over your house!
  3. Have kids? Go through their toys with them and make a box of their old stuff to donate to a local charity. This frees up space for all those new toys they’ll get, and also helps support a good cause.
  4. Yes, I’m going to say it – Clean! If your space is already cluttered or messy, adding more to it will just exacerbate the problem. Clean beforehand so you are ready for those new gifts!

Doing these tasks will not only help to de-clutter your house, but will also lessen the load of stress that can be brought on by the holiday season. Enjoy yourself and stay organized!

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